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About Us

Lalemax was born as a manufacturer of branded professional clothing and, over the years, has put available its own production lines and its excellent dexterity in favor of multiple companies of international thickness.

Lalemax, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, has used these production lines also for meet the demands of public and private customers in the healthcare sector (for example:

3 Ply surgical and FFP2 mask, protective suits, surgical gowns, etc.) Marketing these products in

EU countries, especially Italy, Belgium, Germany. Strong point is the fact that over time it has consolidated excellent relationships personal, professional and contractual with referenced producers and suppliers of raw materials. These reports allow Lalemax today to be able to count on a constant availability of the raw materials necessary for the production in the medical-hospital field.


Lalemax has recently inaugurated the Department of Strategic Consulting that deals with, with the help of a “team” of collaborators (qualified and experienced professionals from various EU and non-EU countries) of import-export especially for the construction sector.

Lalemax is therefore also a company specialized in accelerating the internationalization process of SMEs and large companies; the focus is on those who wish to seize the opportunities present in the global market in order to compete successfully and continuity in their countries of interest.

Therefore, by virtue of an in-depth knowledge of the economic and commercial dynamics of foreign markets, Lalemax operates in product sectors with wide perspectives and potential, and in geographical areas strongly receptive to investments and infrastructure development projects.

Thanks to its proven and diversified skills in relation to business internationalization, Lalemax proposes itself as the ideal partner that supports the customer accompanying him in the realization of ideas and lasting entrepreneurial projects and success, in the organization of commercial and distribution networks, in the search for partners, investors, buyers.

Taking advantage of its widespread, solid and referenced international network of manufacturers, suppliers, importers and qualified partners in the governmental, institutional and managerial fields, Lalemax is therefore able to offer customized solutions tailored to the customer’s wishes.