About Us

We are a team with extensive experience in fashion and we also are keen to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in order to serve and satisfy our customers. We use some of the most innovative techniques to customize the brand of companies we work along with.

As designers of a full range of samples - on conceptual designs, logos and ideas agreed with the customers, we strive to give a more different, compelling vision to the companies that rely on us.
We can bravely define ourselves as being different within the sector.

The time has come for each company to have its own design in clothing.

We have our own facility and a large number of products from which the customer alone and with our support can choose which one is best suited to present their brand.

Do trust our ideas for a new, stylish and varying vision of your brand that will brilliantly distinguish you on the market and with which you will keep your place among the most outstanding brands.

Besides the company code-wear we can also offer sport-elegant series - Italian ladies', men's and children and junior fashion for any one who wants to shine out with their own style.

We present simple and interesting models with unique designer prints, Italian cuts, fabrics and quality, the combination of which creates an entirely new vision of the modern man. All of this you will find in our online store by relying on us for top level advice and service!

The sport-elegant fashion already has a new name:
Lalemax Fashion!

Lalemax Fashion is settled to produce sportswear designed by companies that want to advertise and demonstrate their brand in a stylish and unique way.

From the position of our 25 years of experienceand even more, we are able to provide absolute cooperation and support to create different collections of our customers, elevating their brand and brand to a higher level.

We have the experience to work on  lines especially created for merchandising in co-operation with foreign brands.
We provide our clientss with the best quality of service tailored to the latest Italian fashion trends, fabrics and cloths.

All stages of the workflow to a perfect end product are organized in production that follows  a strict schedule and sets the most innovative manufacturing techniques combined with speed and professionalism to the maximum.

Lalemax Fashion realizes a free, creative and dynamic atmosphere by trusting their people and their individuality, giving them the opportunity to express their best. We work in a healthy environment built-up on long-standing and tested ideas and principles.

In spite of being a young and growing company, we have established ourselves on the market as a supplier to major national and foreign companies. With our significant experience in fashion, marketing and production of Italian clothing, we can offer fashion lines and concepts - unique within their quality and fashion.

Besides professional clothing, we also create daily and elegant sportswear, with a distinctly unique style for each age.

Guarantee for the convenience and fashion expression are the natural fabrics and designer unique prints that  are not to be repeated in
the world of fashion.

We at Lalemax Fashion strive to achieve the highest possible peaks and we always go towards newer goals and the results are here to be seen!

Lalemax Fashion Company Wishes You a Most Pleasant Shopping!